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A Different Way to Measure

Category: Zoe's Blog Published: Thursday, 06 February 2014 Written by Granny Plaid Pants

I’m a pretty simple kind of a person. I’m having a good morning because the vent pipes for the furnace weren’t blocked by snowdrifts last night, and I only had to take two buckets of hot water to the barn for the animals. That and two cups of coffee gave me a perfect start! Of course, I could list many things that make this a good day… health, food, shelter, friends, etc. The point is that I’m choosing a different measuring stick than our culture suggests.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to have enough money to pay off the mortage, drive a good car, have some remodeling done on the house, buy a tractor… you get the idea. But the truth is I want to make a difference while living with less. My bucket list includes things like living off the grid and growing our own food.

For several reasons, including my upcoming 65th birthday and this morning’s Bible reflections, I’m pondering my once and future calling. Does it have to do with my rural soul? With my instinct for teaching? With my love of writing? I’m convinced that it’s all three, and that the different way to measure is the key. For me, that means prayerfully evaluating each day… did I turn off the media to enjoy quiet time, did I notice the presence of God today, did I see my world with childlike faith, did I nurture creation with love.

How do you measure your day? How do you measure the difference your life makes? Are you willing to step away from multitasking and be fully present in the moment? Choices to ponder.

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