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What we're up to these days

Category: Ruth's Blog Published: Monday, 10 October 2011 Written by raheyn

It seems like a lifetime since I last jotted something in these pages. The summer months have come and gone and it all seems like a blur to me.

The fruits of the summer are a newly finished living room floor....sanded and refinished by us....It looks great and has character....just like us! There is no denying that the house is 125 years old. The floor is not the modern laminate that stands without blemish, but one that has flaws and scars of the years it has seen.


Our crops are harvested and we've enough tomatoes canned for a long winter of chili. The squash and zucchini are in the freezer and life is good. Some of the zucchini even looks strangely like did you do that Granny Plaid Pants? Now, the work for the next phase of Smooring En Farm Friends begins in full swing.

November 5th we will be a part of the Pennfield Holiday Sale.... So, we've created a workshop upstairs and borrowed a scroll saw and we're off to create...

Stay tuned for a preview of the sales items coming your way!!!

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