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Category: Ruth's Blog Published: Thursday, 31 March 2011 Written by raheyn

Those of you who have ever looked for work after 50 know the drill.....resumes.....resumes.....and more resumes. I searched, I worried, I prayed....hmmm. Nothing! Weeks turned into months and worry turned into near panic. Was my sister right? Did I not have ANY "marketable gifts"?

Finally, the first small break! I was hired by a small firm in Michigan to take inventory in different types of stores. Now, let me tell you....getting up at the crack of dawn to go and count how many pieces of rebar Lowes has, is not something you could have told me I would ever be doing

....but here I was....counting and pieces of things I had no idea what they could be used for, by the truck load for about 1000 hours a day. Not a job for a 50-something, Master Degreed gal who, by all intents and purposes was "pretty talented" was not a "dream job" by any means.

But, like many of us in the work-force - I was grateful to have a job AND I was beginning in a new "walk of life" What did I expect? A golden egg to be handed me? I had done many different kinds of work for 33+ years....from Residence Hall Director and Campus Minister to Youth Hispanic Ministry... to Senior Apartment Director and different jobs in between.... I had never taught....never stayed in one type of work for more than 15 years. So, why not start the "near bottom".

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