So Where Have You Been?

Category: Ruth's Blog Published: Wednesday, 05 August 2015 Written by raheyn

So, truth is, I've been avoiding this day... I can't believe it has been almost 4 years since I last wrote a blog. Have I been busy? Not so much! Certainly not busy enough to justify letting this blog go to who knows where. I just haven't wanted to share. Why? Well...the reasons are varied. But, "lack of want" tops the list...I just have't wanted to share. Not by blogging, not by praying, not by talking. It's been a "cacoon" sort of time.....a "time to regroup" sort of time. 

Zoe and I have been trying to figure out a way to get the website back up and active. And she published a blog herself this week. I guess that was a push I needed. After having talked about doing something with the website for months and months it is finally time to ACT.

I also need to mention the fact that Zoe is busy working on three....count them....THREE books she would like to publish. Her life is busy, and you can see the products taking shape. She has been busy with groups coming out to the farm to be in nature and spend time with the animals. Her life has been productive. I can see the shape of things to come. Mine? Not so least it feels that way.

Yesterday (August 4th) was a new beginning sort of day. It also was a sad sort of day for me because 41 years ago I entered the Sisters of St. Joseph (convent) where I spent 33 years with a group of wonderful "women of God". And truth be told, I miss them. They were family. But my life took a different turn. When they jigged - I jogged....and my life went in a totally different direction. And here I am....with "Bob Evans" down on the farm....

Our farm is a pretty simple place. The house is over 125 years old; in need of repair and has absolutely not one closet! Where do you put things when you have no closets? Out in the open....that's where. There is no hiding sort of spills into the room. You can see it wherever you is not behind doors.  That means you KNOW when you have too much. Unfortunately, I like STUFF....but I also like order. That means my life becomes a sort of turmoil of contradictions. I want to get rid of stuff....but I like STUFF. I want to get more STUFF....and I want to organize STUFF. It seems like a never ending circle in which I keep finding myself.

I keep buying yarn to make things to sell...but we want to make things from our own fiber so I need to spend time spinning. It all boils down to ACTING. Not spinning inside my head sort of spinning about STUFF but actually sitting down and putting my hands and fingers on that beautiful fiber our alpacas provide. Bringing the fiber into a new creation. New creation means new life....and that's what yesterday was all about...a new beginning sort of day. So, here's the deal...You just might have to start coming back here on a regular basis, because Zoe and I are committed to this new life and new business. See ya soon! 

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