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Why Smooring En?

Category: Home
Published: Saturday, 15 March 2014
Written by Granny Plaid Pants

Fri, 03/18/2011 - 9:59am — ruth

No marketing expert would advise starting a website before it's polished and professional in appearance, or with a name that no one remembers or understands. And yet, here we are. Here's the short explanation.

Smooring is a Celtic term that has to do with keeping the hearth fire in tact. Each night, someone in the home – often the mother – arranged the coals in such a way that they would hold their heat until morning, when they could be used to stoke up the hearth fire again. Some of the coals would even be passed on to a daughter at marriage, ensuring the future of the fire.

This is a metaphor for our spirituality. A lifetime of faith is not one long blaze of glory. It is a cycle of seasons... of up and down, of light and darkness. But with regular tending, the spirit within (en) retains the quiet passion needed to live as God would have us live... and to pass that passion on to future generations.

Smooring En... tending the spirit within. It's not about's about God's love.

Our Story

Category: Home
Published: Thursday, 13 March 2014
Written by Granny Plaid Pants

The stories of Smooring En Farm Friends, LLC are many and varied... some from published authors, but many more from sojourners such as you and me. We are indebted to Deborah K. Cronin for inspiring the name Smooring En. In her marvelous book Holy Ground, she shares the story of Smooring the Fire.

"A woman bends over the hearth in her home. It is late evening and she is about to retire for the night. But first she must accomplish an important task, the smooring of the fire. She carefully banks the red-hot coals of the fire, arranging them in a circle and then dividing them into three parts. As she does this she gives thanks for the presence of the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

"Early tomorrow morning she will rekindle the flame from the coals. She will use peat to build a roaring fire from which she will extract more red-hot coals. These she will place in a metal container and carry through the foggy sunrise to her daughter's new home. Her daughter will be married tomorrow, and the coals, the smoored fire, are her mother's precious wedding gift to her.

"This fire has been in the family for a long time, literally hundreds of years. Generation after generation of women has smoored the fire, each mother passing it on to her daughter on her wedding day. In a damp climate where tending a fire is constant work, these are precious family heirlooms. In them we find the ancient Celtic tradition of smooring the fire, keeping it, and passing it on to those who need it."

Our goal at Smooring En Farm Friends, LLC is to "smoor" the fire of faith and self-confidence, keep it, and pass it on to you and all who may need it. Visit us often. Share your story. We welcome the opportunity to journey with you in cyberspace or through our upcoming retreats or workshops.

Tending the spirit through language, land and love.